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Website Mission Statement

The basic philosophy underlying the development of the Two Aberfoyle website is based on a unique community spirit that supports an enriched and quality lifestyle for those living within the condominium. Further, it is imperative that this community spirit continues to be reflected in any future development made to the website. — Founding Committee, 2012.


Let's take a walk...

sm Welcome Kingsway

It may not be that obvious at first, but Two Aberfoyle is within walking distance to many unique stores, a variety of restaurants, places of worship, a movie theater and even a next-door park.

Tom Riley park is literally only steps away. It is a little oasis among condo and apartment buildings and on summer evenings it is home to some exciting soccer games where parents root for the next Canadian soccer star. Its playground is rarely ever empty and the small bridge over the Mimico Creek is the perfect place to feed the ducks.

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Sense of Community

Two Aberfoyle has a solid community feeling, both internally and externally. 

Internally, social activities offer the opportunity both to meet people with similar interests and to try something new, while physical activities offer both health benefits and opportunities for social interaction.

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An important part of the community spirit in our vertical neighbourhood is the variety of meeting spaces available to get together for health and fitness, social activities and relaxation.

Two Aberfoyle abounds with options!

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